Daham Pāsala

The Daham Pāsala (Dhamma School) of the Śrī Saddhātissa International Buddhist Centre fulfills the educational objectives of the World Buddhist Foundation (Charity No. 1008762). The Dhamma School, staffed by a committed team of volunteers during the last three decades, has offered a dozen Dhamma classes for over 150 students annually.

By providing a Buddhist religious and cultural education, the Dhamma School reaches out particularly to the second generation of Sri Lankans, but not all students who attend the Dhamma School are exclusively from Buddhist backgrounds. The Dhamma School is held on Saturday afternoons from 2.45 pm to 5.45 pm. Each day begins with a congregated worship and meditation service and ends with religious and contemplative reflections.

In London, the Dhamma School is the primary means of educating the younger generations of Sri Lankans on ethical lifestyle, cultural practices and religious observances by strengthening their religious literacy and cultural competencies, including the Sinhala language acquisition.

The mission of the Dhamma School is to produce ethical, responsible and fair citizens of high intellectual and spiritual ethos for the Buddhist community and wider British society in the United Kingdom.

We are committed to educating young persons of any social, ethnic or religious background in the ethics and philosophy of Buddhism, Buddhist practices and ethical ways of living through the study of culture, beliefs and language with a specific focus on Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia.