"There Is No Saviour.


We Must Tread The Path."

"Do Not Dwell In The Past.


Live In The Present"

"What You Do Is.


What You Are"

welcome to

Śrī Saddhātissa International Buddhist Centre

We are a Sri Lankan Theravāda Buddhist community. Our temple is located in Kingsbury, London Borough of Brent.

We provide our services primarily to Sri Lankan Buddhists. We welcome all persons irrespective of ethnicity, nationality or religious affiliation. We conduct many services such as meditation and chanting. You are welcome to join and share our rich traditions.



A spiritual and monastic community in Kingsbury, North London, where many Sri Lankan and British Buddhists gather for the Buddhist practice.

Get Involved

Our community is actively involved in the lives of locals and overseas that require humanitarian support regularly.


We appreciate your contribution to the donation programmes and will happily accept any help we can get.

Meditation, Chanting Programmes and More . . .


Buddhist Practice of “Giving” and Sharing

Dāna is an ancient tradition. All renunciant religious traditions depended on dāna. It is a display of generosity in whatever manner possible. It is an act of giving, a voluntary contribution, financially supporting teachers, resident monks, visitors, and the centre’s activities locally and abroad. The amount that you donate is irrelevant. Your generous selfless giving and sharing are paramount.